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About Team

About Team

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[om_person style=”colored” photo=”2533″ name=”Adekunle Olumide Ralphie” job=”CEO” email=”olucapri@olucaprimedia.net” facebook=”https://facebook.com/letsroll4life” gplus=”http://googleplus.com/olucapri” linkedin=”#” skype=”#”]
[om_person style=”colored” name=”Temple” job=”HR” behance=”link” pinterest=”link” skype=”link” youtube=”link”]
[om_person style=”colored” photo=”517″ name=”Micheal” job=”Developer” email=”link” behance=”link” facebook=”link” gplus=”link” linkedin=”link”]
[om_person style=”colored” name=”Dammie Kesh” job=”Support Staff” instagram=”link” linkedin=”link” pinterest=”link” skype=”link” twitter=”link” youtube=”link”]
[om_person style=”colored” name=”Olivia” job=”Brand Rep” behance=”link” facebook=”link” gplus=”link” instagram=”link” linkedin=”link” pinterest=”link” skype=”link”]
[om_person style=”colored” photo=”521″ name=”Olowo” job=”Marketing” email=”link” behance=”link” gplus=”link” instagram=”link” linkedin=”link”]
[om_person style=”colored” name=”John” job=”Seo Specialist” email=”link” behance=”link” gplus=”link” instagram=”link” linkedin=”link”]
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Core Values

This is who we are and it is what reflect in our work.

Our values are not just words composed out of vain mind – they are the traits that actually built the company up to the present status and has been used to draw the company image . They have been moulded by the personal attributes that each member brings to the team.

We are a team of professionals working in various blue chip industry coming together to bring the best of technology to harness businesses be it large enterprise or SMEs. We focus mostly on close and lasting customer relationship and have a special interest in start-to-finish of projects and ideas. Using cutting-edge experience in technology, we are able to provide our clients with a superior commercial and business strategies that produce sustainable revenues and profitable results.

Creative Graphics and Animation
Programming and Website Development
Mobile Application
Multimedia - Photography / Videography
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